ElevenO2 was approached by global marketing agency, United Entertainment Group, to create and produce a branded entertainment experience for the Cheetos snack brand that appealed to the coveted Hispanic market.

Using data and analytics to inform strategy, we created LOS CHEETAHS… a freestyle soccer, live-event experience based on Cheetos’ core brand tenets of fun and mischief.

EO2 created two teams (Los Cheetahs vs. El Jefes) filled with larger-than-life characters and the “match” featured nuanced comedic storylines, mind-blowing skills, and exciting fan interactions. The event attracted over 5,000 spectators and garnered over 500MM PR impressions. The post-game consumer satisfaction intercepts were the highest ever recorded for a Frito-Lay activation. LOS CHEETAHS went on to partner with the Mexican National Soccer Team as a fan festival attraction for two seasons.